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Terms and conditions


1. To be able to make use of the service delivered by the OPERATOR the USER firstly must register by completing the corresponding online registration form and giving his consent of these General rules.
1.1. When the USER fills in the registration form he must submit complete and true details of his identity, valid e-mail address and other data as required by the OPERATOR’s electronic form, as well as update them within 7 days from their change.
1.2. If the USER submits untrue details, or no changes have been entered in case of occurrence of a change within the term as provided by the preceding paragraph, after learning of this fact the OPERATOR may terminate or suspend immediately and without notice the delivery of services, as well as the maintenance of the USER’s registration.

2. During his registration the USER shall specify a user name and password. If this user name has not been already registered, the USER acquires the user name and password he has applied for. With them the USER shall be given access to the content of the OPERATOR’s website.
2.1. The OPERATOR does not verify and is not liable:
2.1.1 for the authenticity of the user name and the details specified by the users;
2.1.2 for the fact whether the user name infringes rights of any third party, and in particular right of name, or other individual rights, right of trade name (firm), registered mark, or other rights of intellectual property.
2.2. The USER is completely liable for the protection of his user name and password, as well as for all actions performed by him or by any third party through making use of his user name and password.
2.3. The USER must take all and any care and undertake the relevant steps reasonably necessary for the purpose of protection of his user name and password.
2.4. The USER may not make available to any third party his password and shall immediately notify the OPERATOR in case of an effected illegible access, and in case of any future possible access. Notwithstanding the above stated, the USER shall inform the OPERATOR for any unauthorized usage of the delivered service.

3. The USER may at any time at his own discretion terminate the use of the services rendered by the OPERATOR.
3.1. The USER undertakes while using the service delivered by the OPERATOR not to load, place on a server of the OPERATOR, send or use in any manner and make available to any third party information, data, text, sound, files, software, music, photos, graphics, video or audio materials, messages, as well as any other materials:
- which contradict to the Bulgarian laws, the applicable international laws, these General rules, the Internet ethics, or good morals;
- which contain threat to life and body inviolability of man;
- which promote discrimination grounded on sex, race, educational qualification, age and religion, or sermonize fascist, racist or another non-democratic ideology, with pornographic content, or any other content which endangers the normal mental growth of minor persons, or violates ethical standards and good morals;
- which contain child pornography, sexual abuse, as well as hyperlinks to pages with similar content;
- which content infringes rights and freedoms of man as pursuant to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, or international acts under which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party;
- which represent trade, official or personal secret, or other confidential information;
- which are subject to copyright unless they are in possession of such right, or when there is a consent of their bearer;
- which infringe any property or non-property rights or legal interests of a third party, including right of ownership, right of intellectual property, or other rights;
- which offend any other’s good name and invoke violent overthrow of the constitutionally established order, criminal offence, violence against personality, or stir up racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;
- which contain details of other’s password or rights of access without the consent of their holder, as well as software for access to such passwords or rights;
- which violate other regulatory prohibitions established by compulsory acts.
3.2. The USER undertakes during use of the services delivered by the OPERATOR:
- not to present himself as another person or representative of legal entity or group of persons, which he is not authorized to represent, or otherwise delude a third party of his identity, or his belonging to a certain group of people;
- if he finds damaged files to inform the OPERATOR in timely manner for their removal;
- not to use methods which lead to involuntary loading of undesired content, such as pop-ups, blind links, etc., by Internet users.

4. THE OPERATOR undertakes to take the necessary care for enabling the USER to normally use the service. The OPERATOR is not liable, nor has the objective opportunity to control the manner in which the USER uses the delivered service. By accepting these General rules the USER declares that use of the delivered service shall be entirely at his risk and responsibility. The OPERATOR is not liable for any possible damages suffered by the USER during the use of the delivered service unless they have been deliberately caused by the OPERATOR.
4.1. The OPERATOR has the right, but he is not obliged, to save utilized materials and information placed at his server, and to hand over them to third parties and the appropriate state authorities when it is necessary for protection of the rights, legal interests and security of the OPERATOR or of third parties, and when these materials or information are demanded by the appropriate state authorities.

5. When presenting his request for registration (following the completion of the registration form) it is considered that the USER has declared his consent of processing his personal data.
5.1. Every USER has the right of access and amendment of his personal data as pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act.
5.2. The OPERATOR shall take the necessary care for the collection, processing and storage of the personal data of users to be done by strict observance of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. The OPERATOR is administrator of personal data within the sense of the Act.
5.3. He is responsible for the protection of the information on the USER he has come to know on reason of delivery of the service, subject to these General rules, unless there is a force majore, accidental event or malevolent acts of third parties.
5.4. In the registration form completed by the USER on signing of the contract, the OPERATOR shall clearly indicate the compulsory or voluntary nature of presentation of data and the sequences after a refusal of such presentation. By expressing his consent of these General rules the USER shall agree the information on him to be processed as provided therein.
5.5. The information under the preceding paragraph may be used by the OPERATOR for offering of new services to users (free or paid), for promotional events, organization of lottery, enquiries, statistical and any other purposes, unless when the user has expressed his explicit disagreement thereof during the registration or in subsequent messaging to the following e-mail: info@carendar.com
5.6. The OPERATOR may use the collected information, offer his own or offered by other persons goods and/or services, make enquiries on different issues, investigations, etc.
5.7. The above described purposes which the information may be used for are not fully detailed and do not engender liabilities to the OPERATOR.
5.8. The OPERATOR is not liable when the details completed by the USER are untrue and thus he has caused damage to a third party.
5.9. The USER has the right by using his user name and password of access to his data collected in the registration procedure kept in his client’s profile. He may make corrections to his details upon observance of the requirements of these General rules.

6.1. If the USER has specified invalid e-mail address, then statement shall be considered as received only when sent by the OPERATOR even it has not been received.
6.2. The parties shall declare that if any of the clauses under these General rules become void, this will not entail invalidity of the contract, other clauses, or parts thereof. The void clause shall be substituted by the imperative acts of law or the convention.
6.3. For all issues unsettled in this contract, the regulations of the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.
6.4. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and good will. If no agreement is achieved, all unsettled disputes arisen by the contract between the parties or referred thereto, including disputes brought forth or referred to its interpretation, invalidity, execution or termination, as well as disputes for filling of gaps in the contract, or its adaptation to newly occurred circumstances, shall be decided by the competent Bulgarian court, as the Bulgarian law will be always applicable.